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How language obscures privilege.

Sociologist Michael Kimmel noted that our typical way of talking about the wage gap (slide one) centers men and positions women as a deviation. Flipping the language (slide two) also flips our attention… from women’s unfair disadvantage to men’s unfair advantage.

Read the rest at Sociological Images.

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Calligraphy leaning to lettering

I stumbled across these letters on the tumblr blog of Giuseppe Salerno, Calligraphy in Berlin.

Giuseppe is an Italian, currently living on Berlin and was one half of the Lettering vs.Calligraphy exhibition last year, with letterer Martina Flor.

Most of the letters on his blog are written, many with brushes and guache, but I also really like some of his drawn work. Well worth a look.


Love Amy, and this cover design.

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Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!

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The question which we so often have been offered—is the NFL ready for a gay player?—is backwards. Powerful interests are rarely “ready” for change, so much as they are assaulted by it. We refer to barriers being “broken” for a reason. The reason is not because great powers generally like to unbar the gates and hold a picnic in the honor of the previously excluded. The NFL has no moral right to be “ready” for a gay player, which is to say it has no right to discriminate against gay men at its leisure which anyone is bound to respect.



What You Need to Know

Starting Monday morning stakeholders will be meeting to iron out the details needed to implement the new campus safety provisions that were included in the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) update that passed in March. Schools will rely on the details in…

Great live blog covering today’s negotiated rule making session for the VAWA Amendments to the Clery Act!